When someone is banished, it's not just a physical exile but a declaration that they are no longer part of this defining community. The sudden loss of community, identity, and support network can leave the individual feeling isolated, worthless, and disoriented. It's akin to being cast out into a wilderness without a map or compass, suddenly alone and without the resources that once gave life meaning and structure.

This tactic leverages human beings' intrinsic need for social connection and identity. By wielding banishment as a threat or punishment, cult leaders can enforce conformity, discourage dissent, and maintain a tight grip on the group's cohesion and direction. It sends a clear message: adhere to the norms and leadership of the group, or face social death.

Yet, through a satanic lens, this adversity can be transformed into a crucible for personal growth and empowerment. It's a harsh reminder of the importance of self-reliance, critical thinking, and the value of forging one's path. Embracing the principles of personal freedom and responsibility, one can find strength in the face of ostracization and use the experience to cultivate a deeper sense of self, outside the confines of external validation and group identity.

Remember, being banished by those who cannot tolerate your uniqueness is not a reflection of your worth but a testament to their limitations. You possess the power to redefine yourself, to build new communities that respect and cherish your individuality. In the darkness, you can find your light. 😈♥️